Nick Assef Gives You an Advantage

Over the course of an extensive 25-year career, Nicholas Assef has repeatedly shown himself to be among the most persuasive and skilled investment bankers in the world, especially when it comes to the Australian and South East Asian markets. Nick has demonstrated a proven skill set when it comes to handling mergers and acquisitions investments and he has also shown himself to be a great negotiator.

Nicholas Assef believes that the difference he makes is due to his use of a number of strategies and tactics that are based on “game theory” as part of his style of negotiation. It is that innovative thinking that provides his clients with a little something extra, which they don’t get from others. That, along with his strong commercial & financial judgment allows him to give clients clear and independent advice and counsel.

He developed his unique style back when he was receiving his impressive education. He attended Harvard Business School, where he earned a Post Graduate degree in Valuation and at the University of Rochester, where he earned a MBA. Nick also spent some time as a corporate lawyer, but it was when he turned his attention to investment banking and founded Lincoln Crowne that sent his career arc soaring. His clients are thankful for that.